Where does Trust come from?

Distrust is founded on the past not the future

My friend Levi put a face to my unwillingness to trust today. I saw in his face, “too much pain. Overwhelming. No way can I or you expect me to be able to trust in a good future.” What about Joseph? He had to dig into the distant past. God had given him a vision of the way Joseph knew things were to be. Where did he get the resilience for that to be enough all those years in prison? God. Do you have a better suggestion? Maybe the frustrations come once again in blowing up the image of the gift so as to block out the sun of the giver. After all, when the days drag on and on…and no sign of the gift…what’s left to focus on? My pain? That attitude may make me feel like I’m sticking it to the man for all of 2 seconds but it’s just gonna add fuel to the hamster wheel. What else is left? The giver. But how to appreciate the source when the gift is still a hope, a promise, a dream? Well surely there must be the sustenance that keeps the hope of the gift alive? Where does that come from? Furthermore, we should know by now selfishness ain’t the way to success. Why not say thanks and love? Who knows if the giver is allowing the enduring hope of the promise to tell you more about the giver? Be encouraged and thankful. I imagine you’ll need the gift and the giver when they’re yours to have and to hold.


Published by

E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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