Tapping the Divine – Better or Worse?

Would Moses have gone to Egypt more willingly had he had a smaller sea to practice on parting?
Would Noah have built the amazing boat had he known for sure somehow he was gonna be justified for his actions?

Do you ever think life would be better if we could get an idea, just a glimpse maybe of what God’s up to?

A trusted friend recently told me upon answering a deep theological question about knowing God’s will…”well…it’s a mystery.”

Upon him saying that it felt like honey on my tongue. That we can all lean back, and do without having to know why.

But then maybe the doing is not so independent of the why.

Me…def spinning my wheels like ever. I feel like I’m finally gaining ground, then the door of woeful challenges slams on my foot. Just as I’ve started to figure out the formula. ‘Do such and such by 9am. When you decide to fast, make sure not to cheat. Work harder in the morning to make the evening lighter.’

I’m sure we can all identify with the struggle of productivity. But…when we ache to get behind the scenes for a second, couldn’t that just speed things along?

O yeah. God’s timing isn’t ours. He is slow to anger (very grateful). He transcends time and space. I’m glad we have a personal being in all of this, but the book of Ecclesiastes tells us our lives are just vapors, in and out. So..where does the nicety of God maybe being slower to act then we are come in?

One thing I’m sure I learned from Divine prompting is the concept of when you need to turn around, do it as quickly as possible. Don’t wait for things to make sense, or the feel like it to come in. Act in faith…Preaching to the choir I”m sure. Bc when the lights go out you just gotta follow the sound of your friend’s voice.

But then, maybe in God’s sovereign thought process, I was meant to find the last task a bit too sudden and huge to be completed at the drop of a hat. So…here I am getting some blogging done. Feels like a whiny session but then we all like to whine a bit at times right?

I read earlier that Hope is what makes the light of the tunnel big enough to be worth following, or maybe important enough. The fear of death propels many of us to keep striving for life. But here, rather the hope that all things will be new can enrapture us.

I’ll close on this idea. The theological term, Immanuel means God with Us. Us faithful Christmas lovers all know that. But have you thought on John’s revelation considering the term Immanuel? Mind-blowing. 

Immanuel is both the beginning of Jesus’ life on earth part I, AND the beginning of Jesus’ life on earth part II. When we die we go to heaven, but when our bodies are resurrected and the old earth’s time is spent, we won’t go to heaven. Heaven will come to us! The New Jerusalem! God With Us!


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E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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