The Battle of the nudge

Every man’s battle is not mine and mine is not theirs. Theirs may be more feasible than mine or vice versa. So what is it that makes it EVERY man’s?

My vote is we all come from the same, personal, artist, i.e., one who initiates and develops a craft. So if we are family, then we must have something to talk about. I’m leaning toward the nudge. Lol.

What is the nudge you ask? I say to you it is the very reason behind you having that question to ask. If you don’t know what it is, you’ve been frozen half your life, or you’re stuck in that old river de-nile.

Should we heed this moving of our seeming conscience? Would it make us look crazy?..Feel crazy?..or wind up being much ado about nothing, likening our chances to fight it off harder the next time it surfaces?

..and it will resurface. When I’m in the dentist’s chair, at the grocery store, virtually any public place where I could reveal my inner ability to speak to strangers.

Well…what if I don’t want it to come back around? Can I take pills to make it go away? Can I do more cardio, more intensely? Can my counselor/pastor/podcaster help it subside?

Jesus chimed in. 2 sides, no middle ground. Try the other. See where it gets you.

Sure makes me coming back for more. But then Jesus…why do you ask so much of me, how do you expect me to carry a cross every day? I know you did, but that was You (God), not me.

Couple things I know about the nudge. “It only takes a spark to get a fire going! Soon all those around are warmed with its glowing.” That is when a tiny grain of faith takes the worry off of me, and becomes the gratitude for we.

So…if alot of good tends to come from a little, seems like I would be busier. No answer for that one just now. But I do need to check out one more podcast..


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E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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