Harnessing the moment 101

My work is stressful. Raise your hands! Mine is borderline psychotic, but mostly bc it’s a neglected field that now feels to new to be real…or fair.

As we know, fair isn’t the best word to tell us whether we should go to work in the morning or not. Still, it crosses all our minds…. What about James Bond? His work looks darn cool, but fair? For us maybe. I think the road meets the rubber as it were when creative control begins to be bemoaned, wishing to trade back in for a boss that just asked you to repeat after him.

Still, it’s an honor. Yes, even with the nature of the job basically causing me to run for the hills on a daily basis. It’s an honor bc it’s my father’s business.

So I’m not a planner, other than planning to fail I guess. I am reactive, struggling with anger bc I think the job needs to be done a certain way, one that is hyper stressful. Planning to me would allow for the moment to develop and be isolated, so as not to let the moment take over everything. That is, looking at the whole of the job as one moment to be harnessed. It’s kinda like saddling up a team of horses to be ridden all at once, by me.

So we’ve got the logic done. Trial and error right?


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E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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