persecuted for righteousness?

I have recently had the “privilege” of being let go from my church for 1 year at least.  I plan on moving on but anyway…

I was pretty miffed once I got the phone call from the police officer who officiates our Sunday services.  Not just miffed, but suspicious.

He told me it was the church’s prerogative to ban someone for any length of time due to it being a private institution.  But I later come to find out that the folks that complained about me complained to him, not to our pastor.  Furthermore I was informed by another source that he handled the decision on his own.  So I’m thinking separation of church and state?  First amendment freedom to worship in church of your choice?

After talking to the pastor, it was ultimately the church’s decision to comply with law enforcement’s decision but still their hand was forced.  

The nature of the complaints remain unknown to me.  But besides being kicked out of a place where I’m being fed and worshipping, the whole thing just looks a bit fishy.


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E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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