Assurance of Salvation – Can I really know here and now?

So much of the Bible if not all of it brings whatever dispute is at hand back to God. The knowledge of, fear of, thankfulness to are all the magnetic heart of scripture. 2 Timothy says “if we deny God He will deny us. (Def fair). If we are faithless He remains faithful for He cannot deny himself.”

As I see it there are some black and white areas to God’s acceptance of us such as outright denial. But the faithless is a grey area to me. Romans says NOBODY seeks God. The same book talks about there being a purpose to inclusion of some and exclusion of the “more deserving”….Pharisees.

There are security rich words like election, predestination, being called and chosen. But then it reminds me of myself too much when Jesus cursed the fig tree that wasn’t producing any fruit. He came to initiate the installment Scripture transitioned into.

I personally think the passage in Ecclesiastes made famous by the Byrds song spells out the need for context to have a big say in our doctrinal concrete feet. There is indeed a time a time to prune and a time to graft in. Mainly bc it’s all done so what is lost may be reinstated in its later stronger, more merciful form and the natural may know what it’s like to be an outsider. All for love, for unity.


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