Working Out

Brutal cross training work out today. I lagged behind, trying my best just to finish, or try to. Push ups on knees, trotting the sprinting portion, and splitting my assigned number of jumping jacks, etc with fellow gracious worker bees.

Our leader read from the book of Hebrews, ch. 12, where it speaks of endurance and running the race with a “cloud of witnesses” in the forefront of your mind. Made me remember how I’ve heard ch. 11, which is called the hall of faith, is a catalogue of the cloud of witnesses. It’s a list of all the giants of the faith, i.e., Moses, Abraham, Abel, Joseph, etc and their accomplishments of faith, not of things they did, but things they did in working out their faith.

I recently spoke with my uncle who is a former pastor about his comment that the Bible talking about working out your salvation with “fear and trembling” is not what we as Christians should be selling to the lost sheep in the world. He thinks “love wins” is what wins, and thus should be preached above all. Tough love, is what he left out, that which Jesus exemplified in dying in our place. But also that suffering, although painful, breeds the peace of righteousness, and it allows us to share our savior’s suffering which purified him for all that He did.

So we have a cloud (dense number) of folks who not only witnessed firsthand God’s glory through their faith, but we also have our Lord Jesus, who is still in human form btw, praying for us to the Father God. He is our high priest, who did not pass through a curtain to the Holy of Holies, but through the heavens to get straight to God’s throne to intercede. Bc only He could do that, not just bc of who He is, but bc of who He became, and more importantly what He did, by faith, working out OUR salvation through fear and trembling…and a lot of prayer. 🙂


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