Live Shows and Faithful Friends

I once ran into a friend of mine after a Phish concert. We used to play cowboys and Indians as kids. He asked me what songs did the band sing. He apparently was a “faithful friend” of the band, something that was popularized by the Grateful Dead and inherited by Phish, a following…of campers (people and vans), lots of drugs, and interest in the night’s setlist.

So I took upon myself the other day the exercise of tallying up the number of live shows I”ve been to. I got to 60 then thought, I gotta include everything, local gigs, festivals, etc. I stopped at 100! Probably 75 were seen in college. No wonder I got such “good” grades. Well…I did have a Bible teacher at Auburn whose final exam consisted of us “having to” name an Indigo Girls song. Needless to guess, he gave us the answer, everybody an A, and a happy holiday. I made the Dean’s list that quarter.

Speaking of live shows, I just recorded my first rap song, and more importantly, first song with a metronome!!! I have 2 self-recorded (non-studio, non-mastered) albums that range from self-deprecating to prophetic…all in one song!

anyway…live long and prosper!



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E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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