The Business of Ministry & the ministry of business

Where do we start?  Why are we trying to remake ourselves, get to the other side?

If we’re in ministry, we tell our financial supporters what business (aka busyness) our work is about.  “Well we offer after school tutoring, relationships, and Bible studies!”  But not all necessarily in that order, lest we return to the question of the title of this writing.

If we are highly ranked in Great Britain we might be the Prime Minister.  What business he must attend to!

So…It boils down to what an entity calls itself right?  Or is it more about what the entity does?

Maybe it’s about playing vs. working…all work and no play makes for dullness.  All play and no work turns the play into work.  Ah…but what if the work were turned into play!

What if the effort were all in the ride’s dragging our fat butts up the first uphill ascent?  After that, it’s pretty much up to momentum.  My guess is that we make our grand evolution based on what the ride was, not is.

Is is painful.  It’s unknown, unfamiliar, random…exciting!…adventurous!…and chaotic.

Was is more objective – ‘you were on that ride right beside me.  What did you think?  Mighty fun right?’…’uh right’.  

Ok so objective, nor even concrete have the last word.  But regardless of how it was in the moment, it was an experience…to remember.

So bust out that camera embedded into your telephone and “capture” the moment, so it can be “released” into an experience.

I have been pontificating lately on St. Paul’s admonition to the church to “take every thought captive, to the obedience of Christ”.  This adds another dimension to our conception of the Holy Spirit, does it not?  I mean, what happened to sensing and acting, you know, like the Jedi knights!

For me, my litmus test has become, if it’s scary and hard, it must be the right thing to do.  This too must be held captive, because an experience without a reference point, aka obeying Christ, is just that, an experience, a photo (not even with a real camera that you twist and stuff).


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E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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