The Mandalaurian – A review

So I’ve jokingly decided that the Mandalurian must be a Christian bounty hunter, fitting into the Presby-costal denomination…

He sure has a knack for justice, and a bit of compassion, along with killings to add.  But he has a good work ethic, something staying alive and keeping his ship in the air will do for you.

Being a bounty hunter, the first words of more than one episode are, “so what’s the job?”  Often times he is hard to coerce, enticing the viewer into extreme mission in front.

What can be left after all these sequels and prequels?  The only characters left to story about are R2D2 and C3po.  Well…Lucasfilm has done it again, spotlighting a rogue character “above the law” which is why he is so sought after by supporting characters.

Sporting the Dark Knight theme of being trained by masters of warfare, he tells us himself, “The Mandalaurians aren’t a race.  It’s a creed.”  He will not go against his motto: “This is the way” nor will he take off or let anyone else take off his helmet.

All in all, high viewing pleasure.


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E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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