Short Stories for Your Spirit

Today I’d like to recommend a book of short stories that was a favorite of the late , Wonderful apologist, Ravi Zacharias.  I heard about the book from Ravi saying he couldn’t go into scripture cold so this book, “A Packet of Surprises” by F. W. Boreham helped him in that direction.

The book is essays and sermons, very inspiring to the mind who likes subtle truth in illustrious form.  I’ll recount a few story cliff notes..

“A Squirrel’s Dream” is one I read recently.  All about a squirrel in a cage with a wheel.  All day he furiously runs on the wheel, like a rat in a race, trying to get out tension, induced by his dreams of the forest with boughs and limbs to jump from and to, and a nest in a hole in a tree to hide his wife and kids.  The chance comes when the cage is opened for his feeding.  But, the squirrel, like my current self I would say, goes back to his wheel, more furiously than ever.  After all, it’s only a dream right?

One of my favorites is “Waiting for the Tide”.  The author recounts his experience with a painting of a tiny boat adrift on an unknown shore.  The painting suggests that the folks in the boat must remain seated and ready to go, once the tide comes in and frees them from their temporary prison.  Waiting like a server on his table.  Totally reminds me of getting to see in person the cliff divers of Acapulco who in the same manner, wait for the tide to wash up in a pool in to which they seize the moment and dive in from a height of prob 150’!  Astounding!

So I suppose both these stories reflect the Hebrew slaves in Egypt, performing the first Passover with their sandals on and their staffs in their hands, ready to go.

One other I will mention is “Sermons and Sandwiches” in which Boreham describes the numerous accounts in Scripture in which “revelation” was combined with “revelry”.  In other words, there was so often a meal associated with Jesus’ works.  The wedding at Cana with the water turned to wine, Jesus feeding the disciples with fish after his resurrection, them feeding him when He first appeared to them after his resurrection, the feeding of the four and five thousand, and most of all, the Table of the Holy Sacraments in which we remember Jesus’ sacrifice for us.


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