In Spirit and in Truth

“Veritas?  What is veritas?”  Pontius Pilate’s words to Jesus before he sentenced him to death.  What is truth, he asks?  Well I’m kinda led to believe it’s not an adjective but a noun, a person, not a concept.

Pilate was clearly a man with a seared conscience.  He might as well have wielded himself the hammer that nailed trespassers on crosses.  And bc of Jesus, Pilate became friendly with King Herod, which meant neither of them really had…or wanted the say so.  It was simply a power play ping pong match.

And so he mocks, “What is veritas?”  If Herod can’t decide and Pilate can’t decide…where is the Pope when you need him?

Well…what IS truth?  Seems like an adjective describing something clean, unspotted, without sin??  

The claim of the Bible is that Jesus never sinned in his lifetime, which is how he was worthy to be an atoning sacrifice in his death.  So shall we say that Truth is sinlessness…perfection…without causes for blame?

I would offer that like lord and Lord, truth and Truth are different.  There is one Lord and many lords, and many, subjective truths, and one Truth.  So if Truth is one, why couldn’t it be a person, or spirit?

Jesus said we are to worship in “spirit and truth”.  I suggest that these are one and the same thing.  He only separates them to demonstrate which spirit you are worshiping.

I can say this much…”I can’t handle the truth”.  Life is full of too much truth.  It truly is stranger than fiction.

But one thing I know…Jesus said he was THE way, truth, and life.  So could it be said that the vehicle to the way that leads to life is Truth personified in God’s Christ?

So fleshing that out, how do we go about hailing a Truth cab?  Sure.  We’ve ridden in one plenty of times.  We have the routes we need in our minds.  

Question I have is, will we hear the Truth cab when we cover our ears?


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E H Williams

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3 thoughts on “In Spirit and in Truth”

  1. I have always learned that TRUTH is NOT an adjective, it is unequivocally and without any side stepping- a Man called JESUS. TRUTH will set us free, is misunderstood in many cases. It is not how man or any court of law projects it unto one who is alledgly facing contempt, but too be set “free” is a Soul issue. One that requires the one an only Spiritual Judge’s verdict, of “if you Love me, then you will keep my commandments”. In GOD’s realm, there is Only TRUTH or error. But the world has reduced that concept to a watered down version. That stream of consciousness includes, but not limited too, “benefit of the doubt”, “potential grey areas” and the like. Many sins are committed while hiding behind the guise of GOD. I beg to say, au contraire. There is no compromise in dealing with TRUTH, if and only if one wants complete freedom from the verdict handed down from our Creator. Obtaining True freedom is a hard concept for many, some often yield too the lesser of “two evils”. Why ?is what we should concern ourselves with. I venture to say that man’s inherent fallicious nature is a direct result of the fallen and then broken embodiment of the first Adam. This Adam hid from the Truth, so therefore without the acceptence of the second and existing TRUTH, (by Faith) we will continue to be enslaved by the enemy of GOD. With that being said, it is a constant minute by minute struggle to not become sinless, but too try and sin Less.
    My thoughts inspired by the Holy Spirit, so I remain unapologetic for them.


    1. I like sin less, Byl. Thanks for commenting. Courtney told me one time that I liked, “ask for forgiveness and try to do better”. I’ll have to read the post again to see what you are replying to.


    2. so I reread and I think we’re on the same page. Nate sincerely believed we could be perfected in this life. I suppose that is to say we go and stand before God, saying “thanks I really needed you, up til the end”


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