Not my problem

*Gonna be a song Lord willing…

In at the break of dawn

all night long on the run

your mind is catching up with the manic things you’ve done

Put me in a 3 piece

“But you know I don’t do weddings.

Especially not my own

But now someone took my seat, and there’s beauty in white walking up to me!”

I want to live…experience.

Want to believe there’s just 1 way out

So I just let it be, I turn my other cheek

But I’m in too deep. The problem is not my own.

You know better than to call me a trend setter

the fetters are off, gloves are in the ring

Any way, something’s gotta give.

To every thing turn!

take every blow…absorb!

Forget what’s behind, even if it was 30 seconds ago, Live in the present man!

Everything is clearly not as it seems.

black is white and red is green

and blue jeans set the precedent, among the faithful pew fillers

because art imitates life, and art is in the home and home is where the heart is.

So I will take my problems to the foot of my tv, and await a tweet from the president.


Published by

E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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