Loose Family Ties

“This little piggy had one, this little piggy had none, and this little piggy went all the way home (crying all the way).

Correct! DNA is a terrible determinant for the ties that bind in a family, be it in the arena of talents, common interests, music tastes, etc….all those things which form our individualities..

Yes, every hair on our head is nunbered, so we very nearly need to dread our sibling’s hair to our own (being intentional?). Me, I’m growing my hair long so my distinguishing characteristics are best known by clogging the shower drain, disallowing others’ hair to escape,

Bob Dylan ends his magnanimous poem “Last thoughts on Woody Guthrie” by reminding the reader “God is found in a church of your choice, while Woody is bedridden in Brooklyn state hospital.” But no fear, because “it may be only my opinion, I may be right or wrong, but you can find them both at Grand Canyon, sundown.”

Maybe that’s a statement on our unity in humanity, especially those with aesthetic sensitive palate. Jesus sure seemed to be a fan of common aesthetic interests…like who doesn’t like Picasso!!…or El Greco!!…or Dali!!?? I think Dali’s audience was unified an awful lot in the appreciation of the male sexual drive

Then there’s our peers who steer away from mummy dearest, dread the lot, and our fav professors that make us want to study more than humanly reasonable.

Anyhowsers, I seem to be defending our parents and how they brought us up right…or wrong say some things from my sisters. After all, I should be the expert as I am the momma”s boy. I like to call myself Jacob, a little bit crafty deceptive ya know. Yes! I have always won the family wrestling matches!

What about your bros and sistas! Do they make you who you are or who you never want to be, as you make your way to the tattoo parlor to see if they can scratch out dna “defects” as well.


Published by

E H Williams

singer/songwriter with a growing resolve to blog :)

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